While traditional online marketing has its place, we understand that business is all about networking.

In fact, that’s where we mostly meet our talented clients, through mutual contacts or spaces on the internet! 

In many ways, we find that the best working relationships come from those that naturally come our way when they are ready to form an honest, real, and successful partnership in achieving your marketing goals.

We love a plan that serves our current clients, potential clients, and our own business in a positive way, which is why we reward our clients with discounts for spreading the word!

When you’re running a business and balancing a family, time is always tight. Ready to grow your business with less time?

How it works

Step 1

Mention our name to your existing business network and provide our link to book a call. virtual-eva.com/book-a-call

Step 2

We meet with that referral and chat about how we can help them.

Step 3

They sign on as a client and start the onboarding process. 15% of their invoice gets deducted from your next billing cycle for as long as they remain a client.

Eva's core services

We pride ourselves on our diversity – each of us has a unique ‘zone of genius’ in which we focus on, ensuring that quality is at the forefront of everything we do. While we are well-versed in all things online marketing, we prefer to stick to our strengths when offering our clients value-for money. These include:

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